— Megan

My prayers have been answered!!!

— Andrea

Zachary Avery is a miracle worker! My first visit to him today, and before I left, booked the next appointment... Great job, Zachary!

— Dr. Fritz

I feel like a new woman every time Zachary works on me!

— Danica

Amazing. I made an appointment for today after a recent back injury sidelined me. I am so glad I saw Zachary - my back and my whole body feel so much better! He was attentive, focused and listened to my request for deeper tissue work. The studio smelled wonderful and everything made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I can't wait to return in a couple weeks for my follow up, and definitely plan to make visits more regularly to maintain my body. A must-try! Definitely the best in Tulsa.

— Cheryl

Zachary is a phenomenal healer. He combines his knowledge of massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy, yoga, and wellness with a sincere desire to heal.

As an event organizer, having Zachary bring chair massage and aromatherapy to our conference was one of the highlights of the event. If you want to wow your guests, I can't recommend Zachary enough.

As a client with sciatic issues, I can say Zachary Avery is the very best. Not just in Tulsa. He is as good as it gets.

— Tyler

I've known Zachary in his capacity as a massage therapist, acupuncturist, and wellness expert. I recently attended his two-day wellness retreat and was so impressed with his knowledge, experience, and ability to "read the room" and connect with everyone on a deep, deep level. He follows through and outperforms even his own expectations, which are very high. If you ask him to do something, he will get it done. His ambition knows no bounds. I cannot recommend him enough.

— Lisa

I plan on working with Zachary on acupuncture, but haven't made the leap yet. I highly recommend Zachary for massage therapy and yoga coaching, as I have received both from him. His massage technique is unlike any other I've received before, and I always feel much better (physically and emotionally) after a session.

I believe that Zachary is perfectly suited for his calling, which is obviously healing and helping others. To know him is to feel comfortable in his presence, and to trust him. He gives off extremely positive vibes, and has an aura of peace about him. Again, just PERFECT for his healing profession. I can't say enough how much I like, and recommend, Zachary.

Also, his monthly newsletters are extremely well written and informative. I would highly recommend that you subscribe.

— Dee

I've been to physicians and orthopedic surgeons for years for my tennis elbow. I've had injections... and even some very painful "healing" injections over the years. Two visits with Zach and years of pain and weakness in my right arm/elbow are GONE. My husband and I love us some Zachary!!

— Theresa

I suffered from chronic pain in my hands and forearms. Too much typing was taking its toll and I knew some day I would have to have surgery to fix it. Zachary suggested I try massage first, and I actually feel like he performed a miraculous arm transplant! My hands no longer ache and I've regained full mobility in my wrists! Massage isn't just for backs and shoulders (though Zachary does amazing work on those too!)

— Tammy

Zachary is very professional and caring. His knowledge base is amazing! Highly recommend him!

— Julie

I have been getting massages from Zachary for close to five years now. I have been to other massage therapists and I can say with total conviction that, by far, Zachary is the very best! He has continued to grow in his field and improve his technique and has expanded into other fields, such as Acupuncture and Thai Massage—who would ever think that you would be completely relaxed and refreshed when getting a massage totally clothed?! Yes, if Zachary does Thai Massage you will; that is a Promise. I know without a doubt if you have any issues with tight muscles or headaches, if you will take the time to have Zachary work on you, you will be so much better. After a session with this wonderful massage therapist, you will feel so much better and you will want to return and return... and return. I absolutely have and will continue to do so.

— Lance

Zachary gave me my first experience of reflexology. Though I was initially skeptical, after the first session I was sold! Zachary is intensely aware of his client's needs, and is very sensitive to where the body requires special attention. His full-body and chair massages are stellar, especially when combined with a reflexology session. I highly recommend Zachary and all his services.

— Denise

I first met Zachary Avery through my boss, who hired him to do chair massages at our office. Little did I know how he would become my salvation. In February of this year, I slipped and fell on the ice and injured my shoulder. I met with Zachary after visiting with my doctor. After the FIRST acupuncture treatment, I felt immense relief. After the second treatment, I was completely pain free.

Later I found out that the disc above my 22 year old fusion is starting to bulge, causing me tremendous pain. I immediately called Zachary and we had a massage/acupuncture session. I can honestly say that although not completely pain free (I need to see him again soon), I have felt at least 85% better. With his advise on some yoga stretching, it has become a very manageable issue. I love you Zachary Avery! You have made my life bearable again. Thank you.

— Lisa

For health reasons, I have been searching for a licensed massage therapist to help with the pain & stiffness I suffer from. Well, my search is over! I have gotten many massages over the years, but Zachary Avery is by far the best! His extensive training history, coupled with his warm & genuinely caring attitude, is truly unmatched. In the short time I have been working with him, my pain level & mobility have greatly improved and I am so grateful. I have also been able to drastically reduce visits to my chiropractor.

Zachary offers a variety of therapies, not just your standard massage. I look forward to trying many of these different therapies on subsequent visits to further improve my health and well-being. He has a great studio with a very warm and relaxing atmosphere. I was comfortable with him from the very start. Unlike in a lot of salon-type environments, there is absolutely no pressure to purchase products, or needless services, etc. His prices are very reasonable and because he is a licensed massage therapist, I can submit claims to my health insurance company to offset some of the cost. Win-win! Even though he is extremely busy, he always fits me in and works with my schedule.

Zachary truly has changed my life in the short couple of months I've been seeing him. I've recommended him to all my friends and family and even purchased gift certificates for them so they can benefit from this wonderful experience.

For those who can relate to having chronic pain issues, you know the importance (& thrill!) of finding something/someone that truly helps and improves your quality of life. I have found this in Zachary. Just can't say enough about him or his work!

— Dr. Blotevogel

Gotta give credit where credit is due… If anyone needs a fantastic massage from the most infectiously positive person go see my man Zach!

— Brittainy

Zachary’s services are the perfect way to unwind from a rough day. It's one of the few things I treat myself to, and I always feel like a new person once he is finished! I've had problems with my shoulders and upper arms that I thought couldn't be fixed; he has worked it all out and shown me some stretches to help maintain relief. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a very calming presence; I couldn't ask for a better experience!

— Kandi

Zachary is wonderful! He always knows just what to do for my variety of ailments—from neck and shoulder pain to restless legs to headaches and sinus drainage! He’s absolutely wonderful!

— Gail

There isn't enough space here to tell how much Zachary has helped me. He is kind, compassionate, and very in touch with my problems (migraine headaches, neck and back pain). He works with me to relieve whatever is going wrong at the time. You should come to see Zachary before you give up and live with chronic pain. Zachary can make a difference in your life. He makes a difference because he CARES! (and it is obvious!) Thanks for just being YOU, Zachary!

— Kathy

I have had massages at exclusive resorts, spas, and chiropractors. None compare to the awesome experience I had today. I felt like he was much more intentional and specific in addressing my areas of concern. I will definitely go back. Thanks, Zachary!!!

— Rebecca

I have been going to Zachary for about 2 years now. He is so much more than a massage therapist. He is like a "whole being" therapist. I have chronic back pain and have been getting massages for over 20 years. Zachary is the first to incorporate different therapies along with massage such as acupuncture and cupping—which, is an amazing stress reliever in tight muscles. When I arrive to see Zachary I am sore, tight, and in need of healing touch. When I leave Zachary I am relaxed, relieved, and feel amazing... every single time. He has a unique gift of being able to read bodies and decide what will work best for the problem. He also has such a sweet spirit about him that makes you feel welcome, comfortable, and at ease from the second you walk in the door. As I said, I've gotten many massages over the years, some really good ones and some really disappointing ones. Zachary's treatments are top quality, the best I've had. You will absolutely not regret going to him.

— Frank

Great work last night, Zachary! I slept great and am trying to hold back from scheduling another appointment tonight!

— Mindy

I have gone to Zachary for quite some time and I am very satisfied. He is very professional and makes you feel comfortable. When I came to him the first time I had shoulder pain for months and nothing would relieve it. After the first session I felt a world of relief. He will make sure that you leave feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world.

— Brittany

Zachary's massage therapy techniques have helped me feel so much better over the last two years that I have been lucky enough to go to him. Just being in Zachary's presence instantly puts anyone in a better mood because he genuinely wants to make people feel better. And that is exactly what he does. I have had reflexology, massage therapy, acupuncture, cupping, and reiki done by Zachary. He doesn't nickel and dime you for all of his different services but instead does what your body needs and charges the same price. He literally tailors each session with all of his different services to what your body needs and you walk out feeling better than ever before. As someone who suffers from neuromuscular spasticity due to a brain surgery, I can say with confidence that his services are therapeutic for many medical problems you might have and you will leave not just feeling like you got a massage, but your various pains will be relieved. I also go to Zachary to treat my chronic migraines and he treats the source of the tension in my neck, back, and through various pressure points throughout my body by combining reflexology with acupuncture in his amazing massage. He often will use cupping techniques to relieve my tension headaches as well. His services will make you feel like you’re ready to take life by the reigns. I always leave refreshed, calm, relaxed, and energized.

— Shannon

Zachary is the most compassionate, heart-centered, and intuitive practitioner I have ever met. Not only does he have the ability, but he also possesses the willingness to give unconditionally of his time and energy. You will never feel like something else is more important when he is working on you. He focuses his complete attention on you and your needs and he has the skills to address whatever issues may be present. I particularly love his craniosacral sessions. Craniosacral Therapy has helped me move through difficult times in my life, release past trauma, and move through emotional blockages. (Not to mention, it has given me the most profound relaxation I have ever experienced.) Thank you Zachary for all that you do and for who you are. I am blessed to know you.

— David

Zachary is a true yogi. Everything about him is so peaceful. I leave each session feeling more relaxed than I’ve ever been in my whole life.

— Crystal
A simply blissful experience. Zachary is highly trained, dedicated, has a healing presence, and is very intuitive. The ambiance was simply amazing. Everything in his studio was about healing. I've had a painful medical condition for awhile and Zachary knew exactly how to apply his healing skills for maximum relief. Zachary is very respectful of his clients' modesty and uses proper draping throughout. Everything is clean, the music is soothing, and he is very efficient yet friendly and laid back. I picked him through intuition and LOA, and it was right on. He was my first hit when I googled for a healer, and definitely the right one. I have already made another appointment and will be using Zachary's services regularly. 🙂
— Keline

Once you go Zach you always go back!