Touch: A Poem by Zachary H. Avery, LMT

It’s something I have thousands of hours of training in, yet it’s so intuitive.
Sometimes people come in for a session,
When all they need is to be held.
Clasping their hands in mine,
They begin to weep.

It’s so simple, yet so profound.
We know that babies die without it,
Bad days can turn around because of it.
The truth is, what you touch with your hands,
You can’t help but touch with your heart.

It’s a way to bestow dignity, restore respect, and demonstrate love.
Sometimes I think my presence is more important than my strokes.
Yes, I know the origin and insertion of that muscle,
But more importantly I recognize the origin of your being and the insertion of your spirit.
This is indeed about more than dirty feet or ticklish thighs.

It’s more than just a physical act.
The mind and the body are indeed one.
I touch your trapezius,
But more importantly I touch your pain, your sorrow, your fear.
Assuredly, whatever we can allow to be touched, we can allow to be healed.

It’s something that grounds us.
By bringing us out of thoughts of the past and the future,
The act of touch brings us to the here and now.
Our guards come down, we release control, our worries and insecurities magically melt away…
We are disarmed by the power of touch.

It’s the original—and perhaps the simplest—medicine.
Our bodies relax, our minds lighten, and our hearts open.
You can’t give touch without receiving the same.
My skin meets yours and endorphins are released,
Together we ride this oxytocin high.

It’s as simple as a hug, handshake, pat on the back.
Feel the loneliness drain as Light breaks through.
You can now remember that which has always been true:
Here, in this moment, you are safe, you are loved.
All it takes to remember this is a simple touch.

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